EA 105 – Field Ornithology, Class VII – Last class :(

Tuesday was the last class of the 14-class Field Ornithology series I’ve been taking since January, and I must say I’ll really miss it! It’s been extremely informative, Joe Morlan is a great teacher, and our weekend field trips netted me the following 14 life birds and provided countless tips on identification!

– Black-throated Gray Warbler
– Cassin’s Vireo
– Green Heron
– Northern Rough-winged Swallow
– Pacific Loon
– Purple Finch
– Pygmy Nuthatch
– Red-throated Loon
– Redhead
– Tricolored Blackbird
– Vaux’s Swift
– Warbling Vireo
– White-breasted Nuthatch
– White-throated Swift

Following are my notes from class.