EA 110 – Field Ornithology – Class 2

This class focused on a number of rarely-seen shorebird species on pgs. 164 & 166 of the National Geographic Field Guide to the Birds of North America.

We started with a discussion of recent sightings, with one woman seeing an Arctic Warbler in the Mojave Desert the prior weekend.

Arctic Warbler:

  • summers & breeds in Alaska, wintering in South-east Asia.
  • heads to Alaska in time for the mosquitoes, their prey, to hatch
  • some “wrong-way” migrants occasionally head down the North American coast
  • are an Old World Warbler
  • are difficult to separate from other warblers in genus Phylloscopus, which has ~35 species in Europe, most of which look very similar
  • is the only Old World Warbler that breeds in North America

Argh! Thunderbird vs. RSS feeds

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