South America Trip – Part 13: Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay

Tuesday, 1 April:

We woke up, got ready, and took a cab to the Buquebus terminal in the Puerto Madera district of Buenos Aires, arriving about an hour early, as recommended by our ticket agent. Customs control was fast and efficient, with an Argentine officer stamping us out right next to the Uruguayan who stamped us in, a huge improvement over our experience going from Argentina to Chile via bus!

As is so often the case, having arrived at the designated time, we spent over 30 minutes waiting around as the ferry arrived and docked. Eventually we were allowed to board and made our way through a set of convoluted corridors on the second level of the under-rennovation Buquebus building.

Not only did it have an upstairs VIP lounge, but there was a (large) duty-free shop, and many, many rows and columns of seats, which were spacious and comfortable, at least by US airline standards.