Signs of Spring at Bon Tempe Lake

21 February, 2009:

Jones’ing for a nature fix after not getting out for a couple of weeks due to various reasons, Sarah & I went for a hike at one of our very favorite places, Bon Tempe Lake, in the Marin Municipal Water District.

Located a 40-minute drive north of San Francisco, the MMWD is a nature-lover’s heaven, with many miles of trails, lakes, and wildlife and, seasonally, wildflowers, galore.  We paid our $7 entrance fee and parked at the small lot closest to Bon Tempe Lake’s dam.  Like all of the lakes in the MMWD, Bon Tempe is an artificial lake, but that hardly detracts from the setting.

Lakeshore by you.

The west shore of Bon Tempe Lake

New Year’s at the cabin

To celebrate our first New Years as a married couple, Sarah & I decided to head to the cabin and enjoy a few quiet days by ourselves.

We arrived mid-day on Dec 30, stocked up on food & drink, and had an early evening.  On New Year’s Eve, we headed up the pass to Bear Valley XC for our first cross-country skiing trip of the season.

Meadow Run by you.

Bear Valley XC Meadow Trail