Birding at the Baylands

Yesterday was another fine day for a walk at the Palo Alto Baylands after work, if a tad gusty. Immediately upon exiting my car at the Duck Pond, my ears were assaulted by the sound of hundreds of egrets, the adults squabbling and the newly-hatched juveniles begging for food. It’s really quite a comical sound…

“Mind of the Raven” by Bernd Heinrich

“Mind of the Raven: Investigations and Adventures with Wolf-Birds” is very high on my list of the best nature-writing I’ve read to date. Heinrich, who has written several book about ravens, here examines myriad aspects of their complex lives, from play behavior, mating, following (or leading) predators. From numerous field studies, as well as controlled…

EA 105 – Field Ornithology, Class VII – Last class :(

Tuesday was the last class of the 14-class Field Ornithology series I’ve been taking since January, and I must say I’ll really miss it! It’s been extremely informative, Joe Morlan is a great teacher, and our weekend field trips netted me the following 14 life birds and provided countless tips on identification!

– Black-throated Gray Warbler
– Cassin’s Vireo
– Green Heron
– Northern Rough-winged Swallow
– Pacific Loon
– Purple Finch
– Pygmy Nuthatch
– Red-throated Loon
– Redhead
– Tricolored Blackbird
– Vaux’s Swift
– Warbling Vireo
– White-breasted Nuthatch
– White-throated Swift

Following are my notes from class.