Prague, Part 6: Staré Město (Old Town)

Adjoining New Town is Prague’s highly touristy, but also very interesting, Old Town (Staré Město).  At the border between the two is the ancient Powder Tower, built in 1475 and long a part of the coronation route of Czech kings, which wound from Vyšehrad, through this tower, past the Town Hall in Old Town Square, across the Charles Bridge, through Mala Strana, and finally up the hill to Prague Castle.

Powder Tower by you.

Powder Tower, daytime

Powder Tower by you.

Powder Tower, nighttime

Prague, Part 5: Letecké Muzeum Kbely (Czech Air Force Museum)

One of the few day trips we did outside of Prague was to visit the Czech Air Force museum in Letecké, just outside of Prague.  Particularly interesting to me was their displays of MiG aircraft, built to intercept the USAF’s fighters, the very planes “our side” fought against in such silly Cold War movies as “Top Gun.”  It was a nice enough museum, if a bit sterile, with all of the craft lined up behind roped-off pathways, and stern-looking employees eyeing visitors suspiciously.

Since I am out of town this week, and have little else to say about this particular museum, the rest of this post will serve as a Wordless Wednesday:

Fighter by you.

Prague, Part 3: Karlův most (Charles Bridge)

Karlův most, known to us English-speaking tourists as the Charles Bridge, is one of Prague´s best-known sites, and a much-visited one at that. Linking Staro Měste (Old Town) with Malá Strana (Lesser Town) and Prazký Hrad (Prague Castle), this iconic bridge, built in the numerical palindrome of April 31, 1357 (that´s 1357531), this oldest extant bridge over the Vltava River is at once charming and maddening.

Karlův most (Charles Bridge) and Pražský Hrad (Prague Castle) by you.

Charles Bridge, with Prague Castle and St. Vitus Cathedral behind

Prague, Part 1: Vyšehrad

Since I was in Prague for half business, half pleasure, and we wound up visiting many of its popular sites more than once, instead of doing a timeline-based travelogue, I will instead dedicate each post in this series to an area or monument in Prague.

Please forgive in advance any funny typos involving y or z – I have my keyboard set to Czech so I can type the accents, and which also swaps y and z 🙂

Basilica of St. Peter and Paul by you.

Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, Vyšehrad

We’ll start with the lovely outlying neighborhood of Vyšehrad, where I spent much of the trip, since that’s where the company-paid hotel was.