Bull Point hike at Point Reyes

Sunday, 28 February 2009:

Eager to take advantage of a break in a series of welcome storms, Sarah & I headed to Point Reyes, and after a tasty breakfast at the Pine Cone Diner, we decided to hike the Bull Point Trail, one of few trails we have not yet hiked in this area.

10’ish miles down the road to the lighthouse, we came to the trailhead and started hiking at 11:30 under partly overcast skies.

Bull Point Trail by you.

Bull Point Trail

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Hi folks, I’ve moved my blog onto http://blog.adampaul.com – this change shouldn’t require any actions on your part, as the old URL will redirect to this one, and any RSS feeds should be automatically updated, but just in case you see any issues, this is probably why. I’ve also made my blog the landing page…