Introducing Ju-ju by Sarah!

My wonderful wife-to-be Sarah quit her corporate job of 15 years in April of 2007, and made the difficult decision to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time jeweler.  Many classes and countless studio hours later, she is creating some beautiful pieces (granted I may be a little bit biased). We’ve been working hard on…

South America Trip – Part 14: Buenos Aires’ Jardin Botanico and Costanera Sur

Wednesday, 2 April:

Today was a national holiday to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Maldives War (which we in the US know more familiarly as the Falklands War), and the day started in a relaxed fashion, especially as little was open, so there was no hurry.

We decided to check out the nearby Jardin Botanico, a 8-block walk from our apartment.

PARK(ing) Day SF

Friday was PARK(ing) day in San Francisco, where folks convert parking spaces into actual mini-parks.  There were several dozen locations about town, and I decided to hop on my bicycle and visit the 7 nearest home. It didn’t start well, with the park at Fulton & Masonic gone missing (odd, since it was sponsored by…