Tomales Point (Point Reyes)

We had a lovely little hike at Tomales Point this morning, and saw a few good birds, including a commoner, but new to us. Right at Pierce Ranch, the parking area for the Tomales Point trail, we saw a number of lovely little Western Bluebirds, cool! Naturally, the first fellow we saw, up close and in good light, flew away to the treetops before I could attach my birding camera lens, but c’est la vie, a tick is a tick, eh?

 Tomales Point

Pescadero Marsh

For the second time Sarah & I went to Pescadero Marsh, as we’ve both heard the birding can be good there, and for the second time, we saw nearly nothing!  I wonder if we’re going at the wrong time of year, or what?  Last time we were there mid-day, which is never ideal, but today we were there near sunset and still saw hardly anything!

Shoreline Park birding

Fun time out at Shoreline Park today, although the path around Shoreline Lake is closed and looks like it’ll be under construction for some time to come.  A burrowing owl was in the usual place by the frontage road, and there are a heck of a lot of Northern Shoveler and Ruddy Ducks, as well as decent numbers of Common Goldeneye and Surf Scoter.