New Year’s at the cabin

To celebrate our first New Years as a married couple, Sarah & I decided to head to the cabin and enjoy a few quiet days by ourselves.

We arrived mid-day on Dec 30, stocked up on food & drink, and had an early evening.  On New Year’s Eve, we headed up the pass to Bear Valley XC for our first cross-country skiing trip of the season.

Meadow Run by you.

Bear Valley XC Meadow Trail

A Hike in the Marin Headlands

01 September, 2008:

On a sunny and uncharacteristically warm Labor Day, Sarah & I decided to brave the hordes and go hiking from Muir Beach.  As expected for 11am on a beautiful holiday, traffic was very slow getting from 101 through Mill Valley, but we eventually pulled into the lot at Muir Beach.  Full, drat.  We found parking at the end of Muir Woods Rd., which added about a half mile of highway-side walking to our excursion, but so it goes.

We passed the Pelican Inn, walked a short ways down the Muir Beach road, then turned left onto the Coastal Trail.  The beach was full of families enjoying the weather, and we could hear the sounds of frolicking through the stand of trees separating the trail from the beach itself.

Coastal Trail by you.

Coastal Trail

Hiking at Point Reyes, a photo essay

13 April, 2008:

Sarah and I spent a lovely Saturday in Point Reyes, first hiking along Abbott’s Lagoon and picnicking on the beach, and then walking a little ways out on the Tomales Point Trail to enjoy the glut of wildflowers that’s usually there this time of year.  We weren’t disappointed – loads of irises, radish, and various asters lined the trail.  Birding was very good at both locations, and I even got a lifer (Red-necked Grebe).

Since I’m so far behind in posting, I will dispense with the words and let the photos tell the tale.

Abbott’s Lagoon Trail

South America Trip – Part 14: Buenos Aires’ Jardin Botanico and Costanera Sur

Wednesday, 2 April:

Today was a national holiday to commemorate the 26th anniversary of the Maldives War (which we in the US know more familiarly as the Falklands War), and the day started in a relaxed fashion, especially as little was open, so there was no hurry.

We decided to check out the nearby Jardin Botanico, a 8-block walk from our apartment.