In and around Point Reyes

Sebby & I headed north to Point Reyes Station yesterday morning to view Stage 1 of the Tour of California pro bike race. This was my first time spectating a stage race, although I’ve seen numerous criteriums. After a delicious breakfast at our favorite diner, the Pine Cone Diner, we walked up the hill north of downtown Point Reyes Station and perched ourselves along the road.

Limantour birding & wildflowering (Point Reyes)

Verrry good wildflowering & OK birding around the Limantour area of Point Reyes this weekend! Although we were late for the Irises, a few stragglers remained. We didn’t see anything new-to-us, but it was neat to see twinberry in fruit, as we’d only seen it in flower previously (at the nearby Drake’s Estero area of Point Reyes, in fact!).

We saw but a modest number of birds. The highlight was definitely a GREAT HORNED OWL and fledging OWLET, but there was a good variety of the usual suspects throughout our hike.

Great Horned Owlet

Tomales Point (Point Reyes)

We had a lovely little hike at Tomales Point this morning, and saw a few good birds, including a commoner, but new to us. Right at Pierce Ranch, the parking area for the Tomales Point trail, we saw a number of lovely little Western Bluebirds, cool! Naturally, the first fellow we saw, up close and in good light, flew away to the treetops before I could attach my birding camera lens, but c’est la vie, a tick is a tick, eh?

 Tomales Point

Tennessee Valley hike (Marin)

For our first hike of the year, Sarah & I went north to Tennessee Valley.  The parking lot was absolutely packed on this, the first sunny day after a spell of rain, but we were lucky enough to snare a spot near the actual trailhead – there were cars parked a half-mile-plus along the side of the road!