Goodbye 2006 and welcome 2007!

I’ll bring in the new year with an Irish verse I heard long ago:

May joy surround you,
Good fortune find you,
And all your cares be left behind you.

Happy New Year, and best regards,

Blog moved

If you’re reading this, then you’ve found my new blog, congratulations!  I decided to move it from my hosted domain to a blog host so I can more easily switch domain hosting providers without worrying about exporting/importing my blog data. WordPress seems very good thus far, and I’ll be importing and back-dating all of my…

Hoot hoot!

I’ve been pondering numerous tat designs for quite some time now, and am now ready to get several in succession. A visiting German tatoo artist, Chris, was at Braindrops today, and I decided to get my long-desired owl tattoo from him after viewing his portfolio and seeing his drawings. He worked quickly, and did an…

Woot! New tat!

I got a new tattoo, my third, this evening from Joe Vegas at Mom’s Bodyshop on Haight Street. No photos, alas, but here’s the design: Joe was great, and it was all done 70 minutes after I walked in. Now it itches…. I found this design (and tidied it up a bit) at this fellow’s…


We had a bit more excitement than planned last night – a 3-alarm fire broke out in an Edwardian house right across the street from us. Being as much of SF, and the Haight in particular, is comprised of old wooden buildings built right next to one another, fire is the last thing anyone wants…