Hiking from Wright’s Lake to Twin Lake (Desolation Wilderness, California)

Unlike most camping trips, we decided to do only one hike during our recent visit to Wright’s Lake, partly because we wanted to relax, and partly because our friends Deb & Terry were planning on 7 days of backpacking right after we finished camping, and they understandably didn’t want to start tired!

Since this is a long post with a lot of photos….

Palo Alto Baylands birding

I swung by the Baylands on Wednesday evening, having not been there in a few weeks. It was a mild, but very windy day, which I suspect kept the bird numbers down a little. Good variety, but low counts. “Typical” Red-winged Blackbird (Agelaius phoeniceus) At the Duck Pond, among the flock of “Bicolored” Red-winged Blackbirds…

Birding at the Baylands

Yesterday was another fine day for a walk at the Palo Alto Baylands after work, if a tad gusty. Immediately upon exiting my car at the Duck Pond, my ears were assaulted by the sound of hundreds of egrets, the adults squabbling and the newly-hatched juveniles begging for food. It’s really quite a comical sound…