Bluedicks w/snail

This photo, taken several years ago at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge (how’s that for a long title?), is probably the best one I made with my Sigma 50mm macro lens.  I’ve since moved to Canon’s 100mm f/2.8 macro, which I am very happy with.  Although one of the 180mm macros would…

Birding at Carmel River State Beach

Saturday, Septermber 13, 2008:

Sarah was in a nearby salon, getting a trial up-do and make-up in preparation for our upcoming wedding, so I whiled away a couple of lovely hours at Carmel River State Beach.

Heermann's Gulls by you.

Heermann’s Gulls

A large group of Harley-Davidson enthusiasts congregated in the parking lot as I arrived, shortly departing in a roar of un-muffled exhaust, but it was otherwise pretty quiet at this great birding location.

A Hike in the Marin Headlands

01 September, 2008:

On a sunny and uncharacteristically warm Labor Day, Sarah & I decided to brave the hordes and go hiking from Muir Beach.  As expected for 11am on a beautiful holiday, traffic was very slow getting from 101 through Mill Valley, but we eventually pulled into the lot at Muir Beach.  Full, drat.  We found parking at the end of Muir Woods Rd., which added about a half mile of highway-side walking to our excursion, but so it goes.

We passed the Pelican Inn, walked a short ways down the Muir Beach road, then turned left onto the Coastal Trail.  The beach was full of families enjoying the weather, and we could hear the sounds of frolicking through the stand of trees separating the trail from the beach itself.

Coastal Trail by you.

Coastal Trail