New lens goes to Strybrying Arboretum, finds birds, flowers.

Last Tuesday I received my Canon EF 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 DO IS lens, which I purchased for our upcoming trip to South America. Naturally, it was raining, and chasing the cats around made me sad, we lost one of ours a week prior. Fortunately a break in the rain in the early evening allowed me to get out on Wednesday and check this lens out.  While driving through Golden Gate Park trying to think of where I should go, I found myself near the Strybring Arboretum and next to a parking space.  Decision made!


Carson Falls (Marin)

Last Sunday was sunny and lovely, so Sarah & I headed north from SF to try a new hike. This one had been on my radar for a while, as I always like waterfalls (who doesn’t?), but the timing was never quite right. Although the bay area has more waterfalls than one might think, many are semi-seasonal, drying up entirely or reducing to a trickle in the warmer months.

Sunny winter days like this, after a bout of storms, are perfect waterfall hike days, so off we went. The trailhead is on Bolinas-Fairfax Road, and the parking was tight – apparently we weren’t the only ones itching to get out! Our hike started across the street from the parking turnout on Pine Mountain Road.

Pine Mountain Fireroad