South America Trip – Part 1: Getting to Patagonia

Saturday, March 15th:

After packing on Friday, we awoke on Saturday morning and prepared to leave. Fortunately I checked for our flight, and found that it was delayed by 1.5 hours – not good when we had only a 2-hour layover in Chicago! A quick and painless call to AA customer service got us rerouted on a plane to Buenos Aires via Dallas, a more direct route, and with the same arrival time. Unfortunately Sarah & I did not get seats together for either leg of our trip, which was a bit of a bummer.

Home again

Ahh, home again.  It was rather a long journey, but Sarah & I are glad to be back in San Francisco with our kitties after three weeks abroad.  Of course I have much to post from our trip to Patagonia and Buenos Aires, but for the time being, I offer in no particular order and with little commentary, the following images that I’ve quickly processed from the 1700+ photos I took on our trip:

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Parque Nacional los Glaciares, Argentina

!A Sur de America!

Sarah & I head out for South America tomorrow morning for 3 weeks vacation (the longest vacation I’ve ever had since summer break went away). My blog will most likely be pretty quiet during this time, as I expect internet access to be sporadic at best until we get to Buenos Aires. For those wondering,…

A walk in the park

Tuesday after work, Sarah & I took the scenic, non-car route to one of our favored dinner places, Park Chow in the Inner Sunset. It was a lovely, lovely evening, with temps in the high 60s before the sun set – perfect weather for enjoying a long walk through the park!

House on Oak St.

New lens goes to Strybrying Arboretum, finds birds, flowers.

Last Tuesday I received my Canon EF 70-300 f/4.5-5.6 DO IS lens, which I purchased for our upcoming trip to South America. Naturally, it was raining, and chasing the cats around made me sad, we lost one of ours a week prior. Fortunately a break in the rain in the early evening allowed me to get out on Wednesday and check this lens out.  While driving through Golden Gate Park trying to think of where I should go, I found myself near the Strybring Arboretum and next to a parking space.  Decision made!