Limantour birding & wildflowering (Point Reyes)

Verrry good wildflowering & OK birding around the Limantour area of Point Reyes this weekend! Although we were late for the Irises, a few stragglers remained. We didn’t see anything new-to-us, but it was neat to see twinberry in fruit, as we’d only seen it in flower previously (at the nearby Drake’s Estero area of Point Reyes, in fact!).

We saw but a modest number of birds. The highlight was definitely a GREAT HORNED OWL and fledging OWLET, but there was a good variety of the usual suspects throughout our hike.

Great Horned Owlet

Cardboard lens hoods

Free printable cardboard lens hoods – what a great idea! Especially since Canon 1) doesn’t include lens hoods with their non-L-series lenses, and 2) charges up the wazoo for them (I don’t know about Nikon or other lens manufacturers, but at least Sigma include a hood with all of their lenses!). Too bad I already…

Woohoo, 30D arrived!

My shiny new Canon 30D dSLR body just arrived in the mail today. Naturally it’s raining cats and dogs here in SF, so I must amuse myself with taking pictures of household items and my cats (who are rather tired of the bright flashy thing going off in their face by this point! :).


Tomales Point (Point Reyes)

We had a lovely little hike at Tomales Point this morning, and saw a few good birds, including a commoner, but new to us. Right at Pierce Ranch, the parking area for the Tomales Point trail, we saw a number of lovely little Western Bluebirds, cool! Naturally, the first fellow we saw, up close and in good light, flew away to the treetops before I could attach my birding camera lens, but c’est la vie, a tick is a tick, eh?

 Tomales Point