Home again

Ahh, home again.  It was rather a long journey, but Sarah & I are glad to be back in San Francisco with our kitties after three weeks abroad.  Of course I have much to post from our trip to Patagonia and Buenos Aires, but for the time being, I offer in no particular order and with little commentary, the following images that I’ve quickly processed from the 1700+ photos I took on our trip:

Glaciar Perito Moreno, Parque Nacional los Glaciares, Argentina

South…. very south!

Sarah, her folks, and I are now in Punta Arenas, Chile, the southernmost city in continental Chile (Tierra del Fuego, which we unfortunately don´t have time to visit, is a large island just south of here). Since my last post a few days ago, we´ve: – gone for two short day hikes under the shadows…

Hello from Chilean Patagonia!

Hi blog-friends! Sarah & I arrived in Puerto Natales, Chile yesterday, after a very slow-feeling 5-hour bus ride from El Calafate, Argentina.  So far, our trip has been fantastic.  Some highlights so far include: – Recoleta Cemetery in BsAs – where Evita is buried, and full of interesting above-ground monuments to BsAs´ rich and famous…

!A Sur de America!

Sarah & I head out for South America tomorrow morning for 3 weeks vacation (the longest vacation I’ve ever had since summer break went away). My blog will most likely be pretty quiet during this time, as I expect internet access to be sporadic at best until we get to Buenos Aires. For those wondering,…

Oregon Road Trip – Day 9 – Eureka, CA to San Francisco

We woke at 8:15, checked out of our hotel, then had some tasty breakfast bagels in downtown Eureka at Los Bagels, which had an interesting mix of Jewish and Mexican decor, as befitted the name. While downtown we drove by the Carson Mansion again, since, although its best lighting is near sunset, across the street is a lovely and more modest (only by comparison) Victorian dubbed “the Pink Lady” that Carson built for his daughter.

“The Pink Lady,” Eureka, California