South America Trip – Part 11: To Buenos Aires

Thursday, 27 March:

We woke up ungodly-early and caught a pair of cabs to the Punta Arenas airport, careening wildly in the light rain. I’m not sure, but we think the cabs may have been racing each other the 5 miles to the airport. If so, Jim & Diane’s driver won, but only barely. Once boarded we had a 1.75-hour flight north to Puerto Montt, and another 1.5 hours to Santiago de Chile, where we had a too-long 3-hour layover and ate a terrible meal at the airport’s Ruby Tuesdays. Fortunately the last leg of our many-hop day was only one hour from Santiago to Buenos Aires, and on a comfy plane with personal seat-back entertainment to boot.

At Ezeia (Buenos Aires’ international airport) we contracted a Manuel Tiendes car for AR$125 to our apartment for the next week and a half. This was a fine arrangement, especially for 4 of us, although we had to help the driver find where we were staying – a good thing S & I had studied the local maps beforehand!

View from the back window of our apartment