Camping at Portola Redwoods State Park

May 02, 2008:

Our neighbors Dave & Gwen, Sarah and I camped at Portola Redwoods State Park for a short weekend getaway, and I was very happy to reintroduce myself to this park, which I camped at often as a child.

Upper Escape Road

After setting up camp we went for a short walk to explore the immediate area around the campground.


Introducing Ju-ju by Sarah!

My wonderful wife-to-be Sarah quit her corporate job of 15 years in April of 2007, and made the difficult decision to pursue her dream of becoming a full-time jeweler.  Many classes and countless studio hours later, she is creating some beautiful pieces (granted I may be a little bit biased). We’ve been working hard on…


Hiking at Point Reyes, a photo essay

13 April, 2008:

Sarah and I spent a lovely Saturday in Point Reyes, first hiking along Abbott’s Lagoon and picnicking on the beach, and then walking a little ways out on the Tomales Point Trail to enjoy the glut of wildflowers that’s usually there this time of year.  We weren’t disappointed – loads of irises, radish, and various asters lined the trail.  Birding was very good at both locations, and I even got a lifer (Red-necked Grebe).

Since I’m so far behind in posting, I will dispense with the words and let the photos tell the tale.

Abbott’s Lagoon Trail