Bittersweet birding at Coyote Point (San Mateo)

Saturday was the second-to-last field trip w/my Field Ornithology class before the semester ends in December, and it was a good one.  I’d never birded Coyote Point before, despite driving by it hundreds of times on the way home from the office, and I was looking forward to exploring a new area along the bay.  After a very confusing drive in (road construction near Coyote Point has made it nearly impossible to find if you don’t know where you’re going!), our group met up and headed out at 9am under threatening skies.

 Turkey Vulture


Burrowing Owl in Bernal Heights

This cute owl was found by our friends Deb & Terry in a tree across from their house in SF’s Bernal Heights neighborhood. It would be a happier sighting if it wasn’t for the fact that it’s been there for a couple of days in decidedly non-burrowing-owl-habitat (in my experience, they rarely perch at all,…


EA 115 – Field Ornithology – Class I

(this is another back-dated post, as I’m catching up)

I was in Chicago during this class, but classmate Elisabeth generously sent me her notes and gave me permission to post them here, which I have done with no modifications other than adding a few photos and formatting.

Too bad I missed this class, as it sounded spirited, and quite information-packed!


To Chicago!

It’ll be quiet here until next week, as Sarah & I are taking off for a mini-vacation to visit a friend of hers in Chicago.  I’ve never been there, and am looking forward to seeing the sights, and as usual, eating the eats.