Oregon Road Trip – Day 9 – Eureka, CA to San Francisco

We woke at 8:15, checked out of our hotel, then had some tasty breakfast bagels in downtown Eureka at Los Bagels, which had an interesting mix of Jewish and Mexican decor, as befitted the name. While downtown we drove by the Carson Mansion again, since, although its best lighting is near sunset, across the street is a lovely and more modest (only by comparison) Victorian dubbed “the Pink Lady” that Carson built for his daughter.

“The Pink Lady,” Eureka, California


Oregon Road Trip – Day 6 – Pacific City, OR to Florence, OR

I woke up at 6am to see the “famous” Dory Fleet put into the sea (Pacific City has no harbor, and its fishing fleet of flat-bottomed dories puts in from car-towed trailers on the beach), but a peek out our window showed no boats at all, so I went back to bed.

 Cape Kiwanda and Haystack Rock
Haystack Rock and Cape Kiwanda

(again, this is a long post with a lot of photos – be warned!)


Oregon Road Trip – Days 2, 3 & 4 – Portland, OR

We woke up at 7:45am and watched the conclusion of the Tour de France (go Discovery!) and had a fantastic breakfast at Morning Glory, a recommendation from the good people at Chowhound, which was conveniently located a couple of doors down from our hotel (more (much more) on restaurants we ate at as time allows), checked out, and hit the road, continuing north on I-5.


Birding at Radio Road (Redwood City, CA)

I meant to post this before heading to Oregon for 10 days, but so it goes. I briefly swung by the Radio Road ponds in Redwood Shores on the way home from work on 19 July, and was glad I did. Dowitcher sp. Many avocet chicks were on the sandbars and next to the road…


To Oregon!

Sarah & I are heading off tomorrow morning on a 9-day road trip to/from Portland, Oregon, taking 2 days up with a stopover in Ashland, 3 days in Portland, and 5 days driving back down the Oregon coast. In Portland, we’re visiting my mother, who is recuperating from a knee replacement surgery, and otherwise we’re…