Mmmm, salsa….

I’ve been on something of a salsa kick the past week, and after making a tasty, but piquant, salsa fresca from Jacques Pepin’s “Shortcut Cook,” and a basic, but incredibly easy chipotle salsa from “Hot Peppers,” I came across this recipe on Epicurious for a proper roasted salsa. I made the recipe this evening, and…


More from Istanbul

The past few days have been lovely, exploring Istanbul and enjoying the many sights and smells of this ancient and modern city.

Dolmabace Palace was a bit of a bust – the (mandatory) guided tour was monotonous and sparse of information, but the palace was certainly fancy in a gaudy Roccoco sort of way.  It does have the world’s largest crystal chandelier (4.5 tons) and the world’s largest throne room (18,000 sq. ft. or so), but isn’t really to my taste.


Merhaba Istanbul’de!

It’s a lovely grey day here in Istanbul, with rain on the horizon, making us plan on more indoors activities, perhaps the Dolmabace Palace and/or the Spice Bazaar.

Yesterday was a lovely day – we visited Ayasofia (Haghia Sofia), Sultanahmet Camii (the Blue Mosque) and Yerebetan (Basilica Cistern) in the morning.  All were lovely, but the Blue Mosque gets my vote as the loveliest building I’ve had the good fortune to see.  Inside and out it is graceful and flowing on the grandest scale.


Palo Alto Baylands

Another nice late afternoon found me at the Palo Alto Baylands again, this time with plenty of light for a change! I didn’t see anything exotic, but it was fun to watch the Herons & Egrets doing their nesting activities.


Cardboard lens hoods

Free printable cardboard lens hoods – what a great idea! Especially since Canon 1) doesn’t include lens hoods with their non-L-series lenses, and 2) charges up the wazoo for them (I don’t know about Nikon or other lens manufacturers, but at least Sigma include a hood with all of their lenses!). Too bad I already…