More from Joshua Tree & Palm Springs

We’re in LA now, but have had a fine week, with Mon & Tue in Joshua Tree, Wed at an amazing birding canyon, and on Thu, hiking a desert canyon with a waterfall and visiting the Living Desert, part zoo, part botanical garden, part wildlife rehab. I’ve seen a bunch more life birds: Phainopepla, Lazuli…


Joshua Tree teaser

We still have two days left to explore this amazing place, and we’re already planning a return next year. To our surprise, the desert is blooming great guns, especially the many different cacti. Bird-wise I’ve picked up a few lifers: Scott’s Oriole, Black-throated Sparrow, Gambel’s Quail, Cactus Wren, Costa’s Hummingbird, and Verdin. Hopefully we’ll get…


Road trippin’ for the next 10 days

(photo courtesy of Wikipedia) Hi folks! Sarah & I are heading out today for 5 days in Joshua Tree National Park, 2 in Palm Springs, and 3 in Los Angeles with family.  Fun though it would be to upload a few photos while we’re traveling, unless I get some satisfying iPhone photos (unlikely given its…


A Sunday in Marin Headlands – Part II

(continued from here)

At the Headlands Visitor’s Center, formerly the Chapel of Fort Cronkhite, I headed out along the trail on the south side of Rodeo Lagoon.   As is usually the case, I quickly saw a trio of River Otters splashing and swimming by the lagoon’s east side.   A Great Blue Heron stood patiently in the reeds, hopefully not noticed by the otters (a fellow bird photographer caught an amazing sequence of one of these otters going after, and narrowly missing, a Great Blue Heron!!).

adampaul-P1020582 by you.

Rodeo Lagoon


A Sunday in Marin Headlands – Part I

Sunday, 5 April 2009:

A couple of weeks ago, finding myself flying solo due to Sarah being in a metalsmithing class, I decided to head north to Marin Headlands and wander around some of the parts I hadn’t been to in some time.

BW Bunker by you.

Battery Smith-Guthrie(?)

After a pretty drive across the Golden Gate, up Hawk Hill, and the dizzying descent toward Point Bonita, where it feels like you’re about to drive off the edge of the Earth, I parked at a turnout by some of the many abandoned military buildings dotting the hills here.


Hiking the Estero Trail to Sunset Beach

Saturday, 28 March 2009:

Last Saturday, Sarah, our friend Linda, and I headed north, and after a delicious breakfast at the Pine Cone Diner, drove to the Estero Trailhead.  There were several dozen other vehicles, unsurprising given the beautiful weather and early/mid-spring season!  We hit the trail at 11:55.

Green Hills by you.

Green hills & blue skies, oh my!