Prague, Part 15: Petrin Hill

Rising above Malá Strana is verdant Petrin Hill, capped by a Eiffel-esque tower.  Since it looked to be a nice area to explore, and the tower was recommended for its views in our guidebook, we headed south from Malá Strana to the station for the funny funicular that takes one to the top.  Alternately you can walk up, but we were not lacking for walking opportunities and wanted to take the funicular.

Petrin Tower & Hill

Prague, Part 6: Staré Město (Old Town)

Adjoining New Town is Prague’s highly touristy, but also very interesting, Old Town (Staré Město).  At the border between the two is the ancient Powder Tower, built in 1475 and long a part of the coronation route of Czech kings, which wound from Vyšehrad, through this tower, past the Town Hall in Old Town Square, across the Charles Bridge, through Mala Strana, and finally up the hill to Prague Castle.

Powder Tower by you.

Powder Tower, daytime

Powder Tower by you.

Powder Tower, nighttime